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Husqvarna PG 530 Planetary Grinder

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Husqvarna PG 530 Planetary Grinder


The Husqvarna PG 530 is a planetary grinder available in both single and three phase versions with unmatched capacity, excellent for residential and light commercial purposes. The Husqvarna PG 530 combines the latest technology to deliver more power and performance than any other triple head planetary machine available in its class.


High power machinery capable of deliver high production rates, increasing profits and saving valuable time.  The triple-headed Husqvarna PG 530 Planetary Grinder delivers more downward pressure and power to the grinding heads.  The PG 530 Gear-driven planetary head: premium quality belt for powering grinding heads.  Husqvarna Redi-Lock is an instant hassle-free system for changing diamond tooling. Robust system design ensures maximum protection and life of your diamond tools.


Ergonomic working position: adjustable handlebar makes the setting of an ergonomic position easy.  The Husqvarna PG 530 is easy to operate: enhanced operator control.  Fwd/Rev operation with variable speed control.  Long service intervals:  thanks to the 5-way sealing mechanism, the spring steel head system and all zinc plated steel parts, service is not needed as often.  Strong durable design: robust steel frame and strong single-piece aluminum cover.


  • Triple-headed grinder with features and a range of applications previously unavailable.
  • High production rates for rapid removal of tough heavy-duty surfaces/coatings, as well as floor polishing with a light commercial and domestic capacity.
  • Longer machinery service life thanks to the 5-way sealing mechanism, gear driven planetary head, premium quality belt, the spring steel head system and all zinc-plated steel parts.
  • A flatter, more consistent grinding surface than that offered by other 4 headed machines.
  • 5-way sealing mechanism
  • Redi-lock
  • FWD/REV operation with variable speed control.
  • Ease of maneuverability and enhanced operator control.
  • Surface preparation and concrete polishing
  • Comprehensively tried and tested


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