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Husqvarna Elite Grind Redi Lock-Medium - 3 Pack

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Husqvarna Elite Grind G 1440 Redi Lock

Husqvarna Elite Grind Pink G-1440 Single or Double Segment with a medium bond for medium to hard concrete. Husqvarna Redi Lock Pink G 1440 comes in a pack of 3, grit sizes of 20, 30, 50, and 100. Optimal diamond selection enables the highest performance available for a wide range of conditions and applications. Husqvarna Pink Elite G 1440 medium bond has the largest industry segments at .5 inches height (13 mm) 

Husqvarna Elite Grind G 1440 Single or Double Segment is an instant and hassle-free system for changing diamond tools. No need for multiple sets of diamond holder discs; no time consuming and impractical screw-on-diamond systems. Available for a variety of machine manufacturers.  Fits Husqvarna PG 530, PG 680, and PG 820 Planetary Grinders.

We recommend dry use of the tools. This improves the life of the tools and decreases your working hours, as no precious time is wasted on cleaning up slurry after the passes. Wet grinding is still possible.


  • High flexibility
  • Excellent working speed and tool life by dry grinding
  • Medium bond for medium to hard concrete.
  • Largest industry segments at 0.5" (13mm) high.
  • Strong base plate with milled Redi Lock tab for attachment to carrier discs.
  • Fits: PG 530, PG 680, PG 820 planetary grinders.

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