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HTC / Husqvarna DURATIQ™ T5 Floor Grinder

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HTC / Husqvarna DURATIQ™ T5 Floor Grinder

The HTC T5 is the smallest machine in the range of grinders with Duratiq technology. This is an ultra-compact and powerful planetary grinder with three grinding discs suitable for all types of grinding jobs and is available with either a 2.2 or 4 kW motor version. Just as the large models with Duratiq Technology, the machine is equipped with an intuitive digital control panel that provides all the control and precision you need to maximise machine performance. The dustproof design of the grinding head and electrical cabinet, along with the precision of the heavy duty components, provides high reliability and increased grinding precision. The chassis can be easily separated from the grinding head and weights dismounted prior to transport.



  • 75 New Features
    Two New machines completely redesigned, each with more than 75 new features, solutions and details matching the clearly set requirements and expectations of professional users and specialist the world over. 
  • The Grinding Head
    The heart of the DURATIQ, the grinding head, is built on an all-new design.
  • Intuitive and Smart
    The HTC DURATIQ is here to reveal the future with an entirely new, intuitive digital control panel called the Human Machine Interface and an equally smart remote control unit. 
  • Operability
    The DURATIQ is based on an entirely new chassis design with full consideration to center of gravity, maneuverability and feel. This makes the RX8 easier to operate, with better ergonomics and increased safety. 
  • Maximized Synergies
    The DURATIQ features a number of innovations that all interact to increase efficiency and improve the work environment.
  • Removable Weights
    Ergonomically designed weights are easy to lift on and off. Large handles make them easy to handle. Stable on flat surfaces. 
  • Mist Cooler System
    Wide water get with optimized angel to cool as it grinds.  


  • Rated input power: 5.4 hp 
  • Rated current: 10 AMP / 16 AMP
  • Voltage: 230
  • Phases: 3 ph
  • Grinding width: 20 in
  • Direction of rotation: both directions
  • Number of grinding discs: 3
  • Delivers 360 - 1200 RMP 
  • Modular design for optimal ergonomics 
  • Available in 1-phase and/or 3-phase electrical variants

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