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Ermator S 13 Dust Extractor

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Ermator S 13 Dust Extractor


Ermator S13 Single-Phase HEPA Dust Extractor


The Ermator model S13 120V single motor HEPA Dust Extractor can be connected to electrical, hand-operated power tools to extract freshly cut, friable concrete dust. The Ermator S-13 Dust Extractor is also an effective all-around construction vacuum for picking-up a wide range of building materials and debris. The Ermator S-13 Dust Collector comes with 16-foot, 1.5" hose, wand and floor tool. The S-13 Ermator Dust Extractor also includes a 6 mil, 10-gallon disposable poly bag for dust-free handling and disposal.

Ermator's S 13 Single Phase HEPA Dust Collectors are powerful, portable vac/separators that can be used alone for wide variety of pick-up applications, and to supplement hand/floor power tools for dustless grinding, sanding and drilling. Excellent for both wood and concrete dust and other construction, restoration materials where fast, dustless recovery is required to maintain productivity and clean-air working environment. All units include individually tested and certified HEPA Filters, and Ermator's unique direct "dustless" deposit into poly bags for safe, easy handling and disposal. Ermator S13 Dust Extractor comes equipped with "Jet Pulse" filter cleaning system for maximizing airflow and pick-up efficiency.


  • Phases - 1-ph
  • Voltage - 120V
  • Rated Current - 9.8 A
  • Rated input power - 1.7 hp
  • Air requirement - 129 cfm
  • Water Lift - 100 Inches





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