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Diteq S-43AX ARIX Core Bit for Stone

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Diteq S-43AX ARIX Core Bit for Stone


The Diteq S-43AX core bits are the fastest and longest lasting core bits on the market. With ARIX™ technology of precise diamond placement throughout the segment, fabricators receive the fastest drilling speeds possible without compromising tool life.
The Diteq S43AX stone core bit is laser welded so they can be run wet or dry.  Small diamond particles adhered to the barrel provides side protection to reduce binding for faster, cleaner cored holes.


Diteq S-43AX Stone Core Bits

  • 5/8” -11 Thread
  • Stone, Porcelian, Tile, Brick
    Cement Board, Fast drilling, long life
  • 3" Drilling Depth
  • Wet/Dry Use

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