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DashClean Hepa Filter

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DashClean Hepa Filter

Hepa filter for industrial vacuum cleaner. DASHCLEAN single phase industrial vacuum cleaner for wet and dry environment , HEPA filter , light-weight and portable, cleaning expert in your working vacuum. When a vacuum pulls in air it also sucks in dirt particles of various sizes. Because the air that is taken in has to be expelled back out of the vacuum without the dirt going along with it, a filter is put in place. The filter is designed with a bunch of tiny holes in a paper, cloth, or soft plastic surface that will allow the air to be pushed through but will stop the dust particles from passing. When the dirty air passing through the filter, the dirt is not able to continue because the particles are too large to fit through the little spaces, leaving the machine to expel only the clean air out from the other side.

S13, S26, S36 and G Series


DashClean Hepa Filter Features:

  • Quality and safety that complies with the new silica dust control regulations in America

  • Reliable performance, great value for money!

  • Features a two-stage HEPA filtering system filtering to  >0.3um dust with an efficiency >99.97%!

  • The convenience of a continuous bag system, the best dust control available!

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