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DashClean G22 Dust Extractor Vacuum 120V

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DashClean G22 Dust Extractor Vacuum 120V

G22 is a two-motor HEPA dust extractor, which features a two-stage filtering system, with a conical pre-filter as the first and a HEPA filter as the second.

The HEPA filter is individually tested and certified complying H13 EN1822:2209. Equipped with the HEPA, G22 can separate 0.3um dust with an efficiency >99.97%, securing a high standard of quality and safety.

The dust extractor uses a unique “reverse-air cleaning” technology which cleans the filter in an easy and effective way, preventing dust from clogging the filter, and thereby maintaining a normal airflow. With this technology, you do not have to open a vacuum to clean the filter and create another dust hazard.

G22 is equipped with a continuous drop-down bagging system for collecting dust, providing easy handling of dust. As an option, G22 can use a normal poly bag for dust collecting.

G22 comes with a complete floor tool kit, including a Dia. 50, 10 meters of “crush-proof” and anti-statics hose, an Aluminum “S” wand, a crevice tool, and floor tools. 

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