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Alpha Ecoguard Type G Dust Shroud

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Alpha Ecoguard Type G Dust Shroud

Also available for in-store purchase at Rocket Supply 695 S Jason St, Denver, CO 80223

Alpha Ecoguard Type G Dust Shroud 

The new Alpha Ecoguard Type G Dust Collection cover is designed for collecting dust when using most High-Speed Angle Grinders. The Alpha Ecoguard Type G Dust Shroud is intended for use when grinding with cup wheels up to 5” in diameter. It is made of high-quality construction for heavy-duty applications.

Alpha Ecoguard dust collection cover creates a virtually dust-free environment when connected to a vacuum.  Alpha Ecoguard Type G Dust Shroud fits on most popular high-speed angle grinders. The removable flat cover allows grinding to the edge. Alpha Ecoguard's suspended dust cover prevents dust from escaping and is a great dust shroud for cup wheels.

Alpha Ecoguard Type G Dust Shroud Features: 

  • Designed for Collecting Dust When Using A High-Speed Angle Grinder
  • Accepts Grinding Wheels Up To: 5" (G5), 7" (G7)
  • Rugged Construction for Heavy-Duty Applications
  • Perfect for Grinding and Sanding or Surface Preparation Work
  • Can Grind Tight Against The Wall
  • Clear Cover for Better Visibility
  • Fits On Most High-Speed Angle Grinders: 4-1/2"- 5" (G5), 7" & 9" (G7)
  • Easy Installation and Wheel Changes
  • The G7 Has A Flexible Head Allowing for A Natural Grinding Motion
  • Removes More Than 90% of the Dust
  • Must Be Used with A Vacuum


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