Alpha Air 850 Pneumatic Polisher Tool Only


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Alpha Air 850 Pneumatic Polisher

The Best Polisher just became better! The Alpha Air polisher set a standard as the pneumatic polisher with a center water feed many years ago and changed how stone fabricators polish the edges of hard surfaces. Since then competitors have copied the design in various ways just emphasizing the high Alpha standard. Introducing the latest Alpha: the AIR-830 and AIR-850 Pneumatic Polishers that will make the polishing operation easier than ever. Now Alpha offers two models with different maximum RPM to cover all fabricators who want to create the best polish and/or want to improve their productivities and efficiencies.

Alpha Air 850 Pneumatic Polisher Features:

  • High-Performance, Pneumatic Polisher
  • Central Water-Feed System Delivers Ample Water Regardless of Position
  • No-Load RPM- 5,500 for AIR-850 / 4,000 for AIR-830
  • Lightweight and Ergonomically Designed for Better Maneuverability
  • One Year Warranty* (*See manual for details)

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