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27" Flexible Heavy Duty Diamond Impregnated Pad - Wet

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27" Flexible Heavy Duty Diamond Impregnated Pad - Wet - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store

27" Flexible Heavy Duty Wet Diamond Impregnated Pad - For Burnishing. Having the correct polishing pad is an important ingredient in quality stone work. Helps bring back the original gloss and luster, keeping floors and countertops looking like new. Diamond Impregnated Pads use microscopic diamonds to maintain and enhance the shine on your surface.

  • Grey 800 Grit Pad- Use wet to quickly and effectively remove "guard" products with minimal effect on dyed floors
  • Blue 1800 Grit Pad- Long lasting pad is the fastest way to produce a 1500 grit finish and with no resin transfer
  • Red 3000 Grit Pad- Pops a shine like no other 3000 grit! The red pad can also be used dry

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